The Father of the Nation Paragraph

The Father of the bengal Nation, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, is the person who planned the creation of independent Bangladesh. He's thought of as the greatest Bengali person from a thousand years ago until now. We have him to thank for leading us with a lot of charm so that we could become a free country. This important leader was born on 17 March 1920 in Tungipara in Gopalgonj. His father was named Sheikh Lutfur Rahman and his mother was named Sayara Begum. He finished his basic school exams at Gopalgonj mission school. In 1947, he got a college degree from Calcutta Islamic college. Later, he got involved in politics and worked really hard for the Bengali people to free them from the bad control and harsh treatment of the rulers from another place. 

On 7th March 1971, he gave a famous speech in front of a big group of people at the Race Course. This speech changed the course of Bengali history. In his talk, he said, "Make strong places at every home. You need to stand up against the Pakistani enemy with whatever you have. Remember: since we have already had to spill blood, we'll have to spill a lot more of it; with God's help, though, we'll be able to free the people of this land. This time's struggle is about freedom—this time's struggle is about getting free." He got arrested on 25th March 1971 and was taken to Pakistan. But after we became free, he came back home. He was the leader in charge, and sometimes the head, of Bangladesh. But sadly, on 15th August 1975, some confused army officers killed him along with most of his family, except for his two daughters. This was a big loss for the country. There's no way to make up for this loss. He was buried in Tungipara.
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