The Fox Without a Tail Story

Once upon a time, there was a fox living in a jungle. One day, this fox got caught in a trap. After a lot of struggling, the fox managed to escape, but sadly, it lost its tail in the process. Without its tail, the fox felt very strange and not so good-looking. This made the fox feel sad and embarrassed about its appearance. But the fox had an idea to change this.

The fox decided to gather all the other foxes in the jungle for a meeting. When the meeting started and the fox saw all the other foxes around, it felt happy. But as the fox stood up to talk, the other foxes began to laugh at it because of its missing tail. The fox understood their laughter and signaled them to be quiet.

Then, with a cheerful attitude, the tailless fox shared a discovery. It said, "What do we really need tails for? I think they're not useful at all. In fact, they make us look ugly. That's why I got rid of my tail. Without a tail, I feel free, light, and playful. I can run faster than ever before. So, why don't you all cut off your tails like I did?" The other foxes listened and thought the idea was good. The tailless fox also explained why having a tail was not great.

The foxes in the meeting were moved by the tailless fox's words, and many of them wanted to cut their tails just like it. However, just as they were about to do it, a wise fox spoke up. This wise fox said, "Please listen to me. Don't follow that advice. This fox got trapped and lost its tail. Now it wants us to look like it. But we shouldn't listen." The words of the wise fox made the other foxes think carefully. The wise fox continued, "Look at your tails. They're beautiful! Nature gave us everything we need to be wonderful and useful. If we cut off our tails, we might face problems."

All the foxes realized the trick of the tailless fox. They scolded it and decided not to pay attention to it anymore. The tailless fox, realizing its plan had failed, left and never returned.
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