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The Game I Like Most /Your Favourite Game

My preferred game is soccer. It brings me immense pleasure. It is also not costly. Soccer excites not only the players but also the spectators. Soccer is not a game of our country; it is a foreign game that originated in England. Nevertheless, it has gained popularity worldwide. I believe that spectators derive more pleasure from soccer than from any other game.

Soccer is played in a large, open field. The field measures 110-120 yards in length and 70-80 yards in width. At each of the two opposite ends of the field, there are two goal posts. A crossbar is tied eight feet above the ground between the goal posts. Additionally, there are designated areas for the center and penalty box.

The game involves two teams, each consisting of eleven players. On each side, there is a goalkeeper, two backs, three half-backs, and five forwards. The goalkeeper and two backs play on the defensive, while the five others lead the attack towards the opposite goal. The half-backs play both defensively and in leading the attack. A ball is placed at the center of the field, and a referee oversees the game. Once the referee blows the whistle, the game begins. Each team strives to attack the opponent and defend its own goal. Both teams put in their utmost effort to score a goal. The game is divided into two equal halves with a ten-minute interval. At the end of the first half, each team switches sides. When a team successfully scores a goal against the opponent, the players and supporters of that team experience immense joy. The team with more goals than the other at the end of the game emerges as the winner.

There are specific rules that must be followed while playing the game. The players abide by these rules and respect the decisions made by the referee.

The merits of soccer are numerous. Firstly, it promotes physical strength, health, and prosperity. Moreover, it instills various moral qualities and virtues, such as obedience, cooperation, discipline, tolerance, and punctuality.

However, no good thing is without its downsides. Soccer has some demerits as well. Sometimes, the game leads to bitter quarrels. Some students ruin their future careers by attaching too much importance to soccer.

Despite its minor drawbacks, soccer remains my favorite game. Through this sport, one can learn and cultivate many positive qualities and virtues of the mind and heart. Moreover, individuals can also earn a substantial income through the game.
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