The Greatness of Haji Mohammad Mohsin Story

The Greatness of Haji Mohammad Mohsin

Once upon a time, there was a man named Haji Mohammad Mohsin. One night, he was praying in his dark room. It was very late at night, and everything was quiet. Mohsin was deeply focused on his prayer to Allah. At that moment, a thief sneaked into his room. Mohsin noticed the thief and caught him. The thief became very scared and started shaking with fear. He thought that Mohsin might hurt him or call the police to put him in jail. So, the thief fell down in front of Mohsin, crying, and begged for mercy. He kept asking Mohsin to let him go.

Mohsin didn't hurt the thief. Instead, he calmly listened to what the thief had to say. He asked the thief, "Why do you steal? Don't you know that stealing is a big sin?" The thief, still crying, replied, "Yes, I know it. But I have no choice but to steal. My children have been without food for many days." Hearing this, Mohsin felt sorry for the thief and said, "I will release you, and I'll even give you some money, but I have a condition." The thief quickly asked, "What's the condition? Please tell me, I'll do whatever you want." Mohsin responded, "It's better to go hungry than to steal. Stealing is a bad way of life. You need to stop it. Promise me that you won't steal anymore and will live an honest life. If you agree, I'll let you go and give you money to start a shop. If you work honestly, you can earn money to buy food for yourself and your family." The thief was amazed by Mohsin's words and said, "Oh, kind sir, I can't find the right words to thank you. May Allah bless you." Gratefully, the thief took the money and went home. He used the money to open a shop and became an honest businessman. From that day on, he stopped stealing.
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