The Lion And The Mouse Story

The Lion and the Mouse, or Help Even from Small Friends

Once upon a time, there was a big, strong lion who lived in a cave. Nearby, a little mouse was playing around. While it was playing, it accidentally ran over the lion's body. The lion woke up and got really mad. It roared loudly and caught the mouse, saying, "You tiny thing, how dare you bother me? I could kill you right now!" The mouse was really scared and begged for its life. It said, "Mr. Lion, I might be small, but I can help others. Please let me go. Someday, I might be able to help you. And if you spare me, it won't make you look bad." The lion found this so funny that it started laughing. "You think you can help me? Well, go do your thing," the lion said, and it set the mouse free.

After some time, the lion got caught in a trap set by a hunter. The lion struggled and roared, asking for help. The little mouse heard the cries and hurried over. It found the lion trapped and said, "Don't worry, Your Majesty. Just stay calm. I'll chew through the net, and you'll be free." The mouse gnawed at the net until it broke, and the lion was able to escape. The lion was really grateful and said, "You might be small, but you're amazing. Thank you for saving my life." This made the lion realize that even strong creatures sometimes need help from weaker ones.

So, the lion became kind and caring toward smaller animals. The lesson from this story is that we should care about each other, and those who have more should be kind to those who have less.
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