The Mother Arouses in a Real Mother Story

Once upon a time, in a little village, there were two families who lived right next to each other. The two women from these families didn't get along because they had different disagreements. By chance, both of them became pregnant and were about to have babies. Just before they were due to give birth, they were taken to the same houses. There was a nurse there to take care of them. When it was time for the babies to be born, the nurse didn't let anyone into the house.

The nurse saw that one woman had a baby boy, but she fainted right after giving birth. The other woman had a baby boy who didn't survive, and she was really sad about losing her child. But she came up with an idea. She somehow convinced the nurse and switched her dead baby with the other woman's live baby. After a short while, the woman who fainted woke up and cried loudly when she saw the dead baby next to her. She couldn't believe that the baby was hers, and she felt something was very wrong.

The nurse lied about the babies to cover up the switch. The distressed woman didn't know what to do, so she went to a wise person called the Quazi to ask for help. The Quazi heard her story and then called both women to find out the truth. Each woman said the live baby was hers. So, the Quazi had an idea. He decided to solve the problem in a clever way. He told both women that he would cut the baby into two pieces and give each of them a part.

At this, the real mother of the baby started crying and begged, "Please, don't hurt my baby. Let him live and give him to the other woman, so I can at least know he's safe." The fake mother, however, stayed quiet and didn't say anything. That's when the Quazi understood who the true mother was. He gave the baby back to the real mother and dealt with the fake one accordingly.
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