The Old Man And His Sons Story

Once upon a time, in a little village, there was a rich elderly farmer. He had four sons. These sons were well-behaved and got along with each other, but they didn't really like doing any work. 

When the farmer fell ill, he gathered his sons around him. He told them that he might pass away soon. He had hidden a lot of valuable things under his land. After he was gone, they needed to dig up the ground and find the hidden treasure. After a while, the old man passed away.

Following his advice, the sons started digging up the entire piece of land, hoping to find the treasure. However, they didn't discover any riches. They felt disappointed and unhappy. But eventually, they decided to plant some seeds in the land. Over time, these seeds sprouted into plants. The sons took good care of these plants. As a result, they harvested a large amount of crops, sold them in the market, and ended up becoming very wealthy.
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