The Postman Composition

The Postman

In the past, people lived at home with their family and relatives. But now, due to civilization's progress, a man lives far from his loved ones. So, he worries about news from them. This need is fulfilled by the postal system, and that's when the postman's role comes into being.

The postman works for the postal department, delivering letters, parcels, and money orders to recipients. In our daily life, the postman is a familiar figure. Every day, at a specific time, he walks through the streets. We eagerly await his arrival. He brings news from our loved ones, whether they are near or far away.

The postman provides valuable service. He arrives at the office on time and carries out his duties diligently. If he fails to do so, it could cause significant harm to the people involved. In all types of weather, he performs his duty.

The postman starts his work at the post office. He opens the mail bag and sorts the letters and other postal items. Then he hands over the outgoing mail to the runner and begins his own rounds.

In the town, the postman maintains an official demeanor. He moves quickly from door to door and quietly drops the letters into the letterboxes. If he encounters a house without a letterbox, he leaves the letters through the doors or windows. For delivering registered parcels, money orders, etc., he calls the recipients.

The postman's service is essential, but he is often neglected. He is poorly paid and struggles to make ends meet. He is not given the respect he deserves. Proper steps should be taken to ensure he can support his family without fearing poverty. He is a link connecting people all over the world.
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