The Prophet's Advice Story

The Prophet's Good Advice

A long time ago in a place called Arabia, there was a very bad thief. He wasn't scared of anyone, but everyone was scared of him. One day, the Prophet (peace be upon him) talked to him and told him not to steal. The Prophet said, "Stealing is a very bad thing to do, and people don't like thieves." The thief replied, "Prophet, please ask me to do something else. I'll do it. But I can't stop stealing." The Prophet understood and said, "Okay, then try this simple thing: Don't tell lies." The thief agreed to stop lying from that day.

That night, the thief wanted to steal again, like he usually did. But someone asked him, "Where are you going?" He remembered what the Prophet had said about not lying. So he couldn't tell a lie, but he also couldn't tell the truth about stealing. He went back home without stealing. The same thing happened the next night. Someone asked him again, "Where are you going?" The thief couldn't lie, and he couldn't tell the truth about stealing either. So he went back home again. This kept happening every night. The thief couldn't lie, and he couldn't tell the truth, so he couldn't go steal anymore.

Because of this, he stopped being a thief. He gave up stealing and became a very good person. Eventually, he became a respected saint because he followed the Prophet's advice and stopped lying and stealing.
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