The Proud Crow Story

Once upon a time, there was a crow who felt very sad because he didn't like his plain black color. He always wished he could be more beautiful. Sadly, he didn't know how to change his appearance. One day, he got a chance. He found some colorful feathers from a peacock in the forest. Without wasting time, he took those feathers and carefully stuck them among his own feathers. When he looked at himself, he felt incredibly happy and believed he looked as lovely as a singing cuckoo bird.

Feeling confident, he thought he should leave his fellow crows and start living with the peacocks, as he now looked just like them. However, the peacocks were smart and quickly realized that he was actually a crow pretending to be a peacock. They all gathered together and confronted him. They removed all the fake feathers and sent him away. With no other option, he went back to the crows, but they didn't want him around either. They chased him away, too.

The crow finally understood his mistake. He felt sorry for his foolishness and apologized to all the crows. He promised that he would never again be greedy for things he couldn't have or pretend to be something he wasn't.
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