The Result of The Jealousy of The Queen Story

The Story of the Queen's Jealousy

Once upon a time, there was a queen who felt envious of her stepdaughter, Snow White, because Snow White was very beautiful. The queen told a person who hunts animals to go and end Snow White's life. Instead of doing that, the huntsman chose to let Snow White go while they were in a scary forest. Snow White ran in the forest and then she met seven small, friendly dwarfs. They took her in and raised her as their own.

One day, a prince passed through the same forest. When he saw Snow White, he fell in love with her right away. They got married, and he brought her to his kingdom. The queen found out about this and went to the prince's palace to try to harm Snow White. But the guards stopped her and brought her to the prince. He ordered his people to punish the queen for her actions.

Snow White learned about this and hurried to where everything was happening. The queen felt sorry and asked Snow White for forgiveness. Snow White had a very kind heart, so she decided to forgive the queen. After that, Snow White and the prince spent their time happily together.
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