The Scholar and The Boatman Story

Once upon a time in a small village, there lived a poor man who worked as a boat guy. He didn't know how to read or write. Every day, from morning till evening, he would row his boat to make a living. His main focus was to earn enough money to support himself. He didn't really care about gaining knowledge. 

During a pleasant month called Baishakh, a well-educated scholar hopped onto his boat. The weather was nice, and the scholar was enjoying the journey. As the day turned to evening and it started getting dark, they struck up a conversation. The scholar began to chat with the boat guy and asked, "Have you ever learned about how the universe was created?" 

The boat guy replied, "No, I haven't." The scholar was surprised by this and said, "Wow, not knowing about astronomy is like missing out on a big part of life." The boat guy felt a bit sad, thinking about how his lack of knowledge might be affecting him. Then the scholar asked another question, "Do you know anything about the history of human civilization?" 

Again, the boat guy answered, "No, I don't." The scholar shook his head and commented that by not knowing these things, the boat guy had wasted most of his life and hadn't contributed much to society. The boat guy felt downcast but continued rowing the boat silently, lost in his thoughts.

All of a sudden, the weather changed. The sky became windy, covered in clouds, and darkness spread all around. Heavy rain started pouring along with flashes of lightning. The boat started rocking dangerously. The scholar was scared and trembling, but the boat guy remained calm, as he was used to such weather. The boat guy turned to the scholar and asked, "Sir, can you swim?" The scholar, now scared and crying, replied, "No, I can't swim." 

The boat guy then said, "Well, it seems your life has been quite limited. You should pray to God for your safety." As they faced the storm together, the boat guy's experience and ability to handle tough situations became more valuable than the scholar's bookish knowledge.
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