The Season I Like Most Composition

The Season I Like Most

In Bangladesh, there are six seasons. I like all of them, but I like spring the most. Spring is my favorite season, and I think it's the favorite of everyone. Spring brings us many enjoyable things and beautiful scenes and sounds.

I like this season for several reasons. Summer is very hot and uncomfortable for everyone. During the rainy season, the roads become muddy and full of water, making it hard for people to move around easily, causing many difficulties. Even during early and late autumn, these problems don't completely go away. Winter also brings troubles, with cold weather, dense fog, and less sunlight. The poor suffer a lot during this time. But spring doesn't have any of these issues. It offers many attractive scenes and pleasant experiences, so I like it the most.

After winter, the lovely season of spring arrives. It's called the queen of seasons because of its pleasant sights and sounds. Fields and meadows turn green, and flowers bloom on different trees. Birds sing sweetly from behind the new leaves, and we hear the cuckoo's melody. Village fairs take place on various occasions during spring. Bees are busy gathering honey, and a gentle breeze blows, making everything look cheerful. It's also a season of fruits like mango, blackberry, jackfruit, and lichies, as they start to bud. Farmers sow the seeds of jute and paddy.

Spring is the best season with its attractive sounds and sights. Our poets have praised this season.
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