The Victory Day Composition

The Victory Day

16th December marks our day of triumph. On this day, we achieved a decisive victory over the Pakistani occupation forces and secured our independence. It was the birth of Bangladesh, a new, sovereign, and independent nation with its distinct identity, flag, and status. After a grueling nine-month-long struggle and countless sacrifices by millions of people, Bangladesh proudly stood among the nations of the world. This day remains a significant milestone in our national history.

The root causes of discontentment and resentment among Bangladeshis against the ruling leaders of West Pakistan were the long-standing exploitation, injustice, and deprivation of political, economic, and administrative rights. Matters worsened when the Awami League emerged victorious in the 1970 general election, defeating the ruling Muslim League and gaining an absolute majority in the parliament. However, the authorities of West Pakistan hesitated to hand over power to the elected leaders of East Pakistan, instead planning a blueprint for the massacre of Bengalis. On the night of December 25th, under the Operation Searchlight, the Pakistani forces launched a brutal and inhumane attack on innocent and unsuspecting Bengalis, attempting to suppress their spirit of independence, justice, and rights.

Nevertheless, the heroic sons of this land courageously stood against the Pakistani army, fighting with indomitable spirit for liberation. Their unwavering determination and bravery were dedicated to freeing their beloved country. On March 26, Bangladesh declared independence and sought recognition from the international community. People from all walks of life joined the liberation force, leading to a nine-month-long struggle and crossing a sea of blood, culminating in our freedom on December 16, 1971. On that momentous day, the Pakistani army surrendered to the Liberation army at the race-course ground, and thus, our glorious victory was achieved.

Since then, December 16 has been celebrated as our Victory Day, a day of great excitement and jubilation, with vibrant festivities and patriotic fervor. This national holiday is marked by the flying of our national flag atop every private and public building, including offices, schools, colleges, and universities. We pay homage to the victory monuments with wreaths, and government offices and buildings are decorated and illuminated on this auspicious day. Across the country, numerous cultural programs and festivals are held, and people from all walks of life enthusiastically participate in these celebrations.

Our Victory Day stands as a landmark event in our national political history, perpetually inspiring and energizing us. It serves as a reminder of the heroic sacrifices made by our sons for a noble cause and continues to inspire us to be ready to sacrifice for our beloved country. It is a clear warning to oppressors that the rights of the people can never be neglected for long and that oppressors will ultimately face defeat.

Bangladesh is our pride, and Victory Day represents our greatest achievement as a nation. Through this triumph, we gained not just political freedom but also a country, a flag, an identity, and an invaluable treasure of our own. However, while we have achieved political freedom, economic freedom remains an aspiration. Thus, on Victory Day, let us pledge to work towards making our country independent in all respects. Only then can we truly claim victory in the fullest sense of the term.
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