The Village I Live In Composition

My Village

The appellation of my village is Deara. It constitutes a vast and renowned village. It spans approximately two miles in length and one mile in width.

Situated in the Khulna district under Koyra Thana, it lies in close proximity to the thana. The village maintains a well-connected communication network with the district.

A populace of roughly ten thousand individuals inhabit the village, with the majority being Muslims. They embody simplicity and honesty, desiring a tranquil and harmonious existence. They readily assist one another, sharing both sorrows and sufferings.

The primary occupation of the villagers centers around agriculture, though there are individuals engaged in other professions as well. The village boasts a boys' high school, girls' high school, primary school, three mosques, and a madrasha. These institutions impart education to village boys and girls, with students from neighboring villages also attending. Additionally, the village houses a post office and a bank.

A bustling market thrives within the village, holding a daily market every day and a hat twice a week, where residents purchase their daily necessities.

Communication within the village is highly convenient, with a well-constructed road leading to the Thana. People can travel to the Thana via vans, rickshaws, and similar means. Another well-maintained road connects our village to the nearest steamer station.

The village exudes cleanliness and tidiness, boasting a small health center that provides medical care to villagers. An M.B.B.S. and some quacks serve the community's healthcare needs.

The natural beauty of my village is worth special mention. Rows of coconut trees, betel nut trees, clumps of bamboo, and lush green crops in the fields enhance the village's charm.

In essence, my village epitomizes an ideal village, and I hold deep affection and pride for it.
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