Tree Plantation Paragraph

Tree Planting

Tree planting means putting more trees in the ground in an organized way. This is really important for us to stay alive on Earth. However, we are cutting down trees without thinking and putting ourselves in danger. The world's temperatures are slowly getting warmer. So, planting trees is something we urgently need to do. Apart from that problem, trees help us in many ways. They take in carbon dioxide, give us oxygen, and stop the air from getting too dirty. They also give us a place to live, cool shade, food, and fruits. They are good for our environment in lots of ways. They stop the soil from washing away. They make the land good for growing things. They keep us safe from times when there's no rain, too much rain, big storms, and so on. They stop our area from turning into a desert. If there aren't enough trees, there won't be much rain in the country. The weather will be hot. Different kinds of natural disasters will happen. People won't have enough food, shade, or oxygen. Birds and animals won't have anywhere to live. Everything will be out of balance. A country should have about 25% of its land covered in forests. But we don't have enough forest land in our country. So, we need to do things to have more trees. People should think about planting more trees. The media like TV and radio can help a lot with this. To have a calm life, we need to plant more trees. In our country, July and August are the best times to plant trees. During those months, we should plant a lot of trees. If we don't plant more trees, we won't be able to live on this planet for much longer.
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