Unemployment Problem In Bangladesh Composition

Unemployment Problem In Bangladesh

Unemployment means the state of being without any work, both for educated and uneducated persons, to earn one's livelihood. This problem has become a significant concern worldwide. However, nowhere in the world is this problem as acute as in Bangladesh. Countless people in our country are jobless. Currently, securing a job is the most challenging task for any young individual. There are numerous reasons behind the unemployment problem.

Our country is overpopulated. The rapid population growth is the primary reason for the unemployment problem.

Our country lags significantly behind industrially. In fact, progress in this field is very slow. Cottage industries have nearly decayed, and the limited number of mills, factories, and industries can only absorb a small workforce.

Most of our country's population depends on agriculture, but the cultivable land is severely limited. Our current education system, instead of offering solutions, produces educated unemployed youths. There is not much emphasis on providing vocational training and technical education to students. Consequently, even after obtaining the highest degrees from prestigious institutions, they remain jobless.

Our educated young individuals generally find manual work disgraceful. They prefer employment in the service sector over any kind of business.

To tackle this problem, we must mobilize all our efforts without wasting time. A large number of mills, factories, and industries should be established to provide job opportunities for the unemployed youths.

A substantial change must be made to our education system, prioritizing professional, vocational, and technical education. This will open up opportunities for working in various industrial sectors, both domestically and internationally.

Educated youth should change their attitude toward life. They must learn to choose independent careers. They can engage in agriculture, fish farming, or vegetable cultivation. They can also initiate small businesses. In fact, self-employment presents a viable solution to this significant problem. Steps should be taken to establish cooperative farming, cottage industries, and introduce new public work systems in rural areas to generate jobs for villagers.

Unemployment is a severe curse to a nation. We cannot expect our country's development while leaving millions of people unemployed. To stand as a proud nation, we should make every possible effort to eliminate this curse.
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