Unity Is Strength Story

Long ago, there was an elderly farmer who lived in a small village with his wife and three sons. These three sons had a bad habit of always fighting with each other, which made their father unhappy. Even though their parents advised them to stop arguing, they didn't pay attention.

One day, the sons were arguing once again, and the farmer overheard their quarrel. He decided to intervene and asked them to halt their fighting. Then he asked them to fetch five sticks and a piece of rope. The sons did as they were told, and the farmer proceeded to tie the sticks together with the rope, creating a bundle.

Next, he challenged his sons to try and break the bundle of sticks. However, no matter how hard they tried, they couldn't break the bundle because the sticks were all bound together. The farmer then instructed them to untie the rope and handed each son a single stick. He asked them to try breaking the individual sticks. This time, the sons were able to easily break each stick, as they were separate and not bound together.

Finally, the farmer shared with his sons the lesson he wanted to teach them: that when they are united, they become strong just like the bundle of sticks tied together with the rope. But when they are divided and fight amongst themselves, they become weak, just like the single sticks that were easy to break. The sons finally understood the message their father was trying to convey.
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