Uses and Abuses of Computer Composition

Uses and Abuses of Computer
Uses of Computer in Everyday Life

Computer serves a significant purpose for us. It provides valuable assistance to humanity. It resembles Aladdin's magic lamp or a magic wand, lightening our workloads and making life easy and comfortable. It finds application in various aspects of our daily life.

In developed countries, the computer plays a vital role in education. Students utilize computers to prepare study materials and acquire knowledge efficiently. Examinations' results are accurately processed in record time with the computer's aid.

Presently, in developed countries, computers are employed for disease diagnosis. The computer has introduced a novel alternative to surgical procedures. It assists in grinding stones for normal pathological tests.

Today, computers are used in agriculture in developed countries. American farmers can accomplish tasks by merely switching on the computer.

Business, commerce, and trade are now inseparable from computers. Their impact is astonishing. Computers are employed to create documents, generate lists of goods, store information, and prepare budgets. Management personnel rely on computers to make decisions. Currency values and share prices can be instantly determined using computers.

Printing is now unimaginable without computers. They are an indispensable part of the printing process. Thousands of books are composed swiftly with the help of computers in developed countries. Computers also control mills, factories, industries, trains, and planes.

Computers have become a significant source of income. Many advanced countries export software and hardware, generating substantial revenue.

However, like everything else, computers have their drawbacks. They can cause health issues such as Repetitive Stress Injury and weaken operators' eyesight.

Recently, Bangladesh has introduced computers into many government and non-government offices and educational institutions. Computer courses are now included in secondary and higher secondary education. The day is not far off when computers will be extensively used in all spheres of life.

Computers are of immense value to us. We can hardly imagine a single moment without them, as they have become an integral part of our daily lives.
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