Village Games Composition

Village Games

In every nation of the world, games and sports are ingrained as a vital part of life, just like food and drink. While a man satisfies his hunger and thirst by eating and drinking, he engages in games and sports to cultivate his body and character.

Numerous village games and sports exist, such as Ha-du-du, Dariabandha, Kanamachhi, Gollachhut, Danguli, six-guti, Sixteen guti, Lathi Khela, and Boat-race. Young boys enthusiastically participate in these activities during their leisure time.

Ha-du-du holds immense popularity as an outdoor game, not only bringing joy to the players but also thrilling the spectators. It requires minimal expenses yet offers maximum delight and excitement. All that is needed is a small plain ground.

Each team consists of an equal number of players, facing each other on a line within their designated part of the ground. One player from a team is allowed to enter the opponent's territory, continually chanting "Ha-du-du" while holding their breath. The objective is to touch one or more players from the opposing team. If successful in this attempt and able to return to their area, the touched players are declared "dead."

Another well-liked village game is Daribandha. It involves creating a field divided by lines at equal distances according to specific rules. The players are divided into two equal teams, with one team outside the field, and each player of the other team standing on a line, facing an opponent player. Players from outside the field take turns entering and attempt to cross the field to reach the finishing end. The team that manages to move from the starting point to the finishing point and vice-versa emerges victorious.

Lathi Khela is also a popular village game, requiring skills and tactics. It attracts the healthy and robust individuals of the villages to participate.

Boat-race provides a thrilling entertainment for the people in the villages, usually held during autumn on the occasion of a village festival.

Country games are undeniably fascinating, as they can be enjoyed without significant expenses. They offer innocent joy and pleasure while contributing to our strength, health, and activeness.

Village games hold deep significance in our culture and heritage. Playing these games helps preserve our age-old traditions and heritage, and we should cherish and continue these traditions.
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