Who'll Bell The Cat Story

Who's Going to Bell the Cat?

There was once a rich man who had a big problem in his house – lots of rats had moved in. It was like the town of Hamelin where rats were everywhere, having a grand time. But this was causing a lot of trouble for the people who lived there. The man who owned the house thought of a plan. He decided to bring a cat to catch the rats and get rid of them. When the rats found out about the cat, they got really scared because their lives were in danger.

All the rats gathered for a meeting to figure out what to do. They decided that they should put a bell around the cat's neck so they could hear when the cat was coming. But then they faced a big problem – who was brave enough to actually put the bell on the cat? They talked and argued about it, but none of the rats wanted to do it. They were worried that the rat who tried to put the bell on the cat would end up getting caught and eaten. So, in the end, nobody was willing to do it. 

Because they couldn't solve this problem, the rats had to make a tough decision. They had to leave the house and find a new place to live where they wouldn't be bothered by the cat.
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