World Cup Cricket In Bangladesh Composition

World Cup Cricket In Bangladesh

Cricket is an immensely enjoyable outdoor sport, gaining widespread popularity in our country, despite not being our national game. The World Cup Cricket stands as one of the most spectacular events on Earth, with its inaugural edition taking place in England in 1975. Held every four years, the 10th World Cup Cricket was hosted this year (2011), and we were fortunate to be one of the host countries alongside India and Sri Lanka. While cricket holds the status of the national game in England, it has earned significant adoration and following in Bangladesh.

In 1997, Bangladesh achieved a momentous feat by winning the ICC trophy, securing a spot in the World Cup Cricket tournament held in Great Britain in 1999. Surpassing expectations, Bangladesh showcased outstanding performances in the World Cup tournaments, even defeating formidable opponents, and subsequently earned the prestige of being recognized as a test-playing country.

The World Cup Cricket has always been a captivating affair, and this year's hosting opportunity marks a moment of immense joy, enthusiasm, and aspiration for the people of Bangladesh. In preparation, the two venues in Bangladesh, namely Dhaka and Chittagong, were meticulously arranged and adorned, reflecting the country's excitement for the event. Fourteen countries participated in the 10th World Cup Cricket, divided into two groups. Bangladesh proudly hosted the inaugural ceremony on 17th February 2011, held at 6 pm in the Bangabandhu Stadium, Dhaka. The demand for tickets from City Bank and Agrani Bank showcased the cricket fervor among the Bangladeshi people. The opening ceremony was a spectacle, highlighted by the presence of Bangladesh's Honourable Prime Minister, Sheikh Hasina, who inaugurated the event. The customs and traditions of Bangladesh took the center stage during the ceremony, and the captains of the fourteen teams made their grand entrance in rickshaws, a symbol of Bangladesh. Singers and artists from Bangladesh and other host countries put on exceptional performances to entertain the audience, with Mahadevan Shanker from India singing the theme song of the 10th World Cup Cricket and Canadian singer Bryan Adams leaving a lasting impression.

The 10th World Cup witnessed 49 matches, with eight of them held in Bangladesh. The grand finale took place on 2nd April 2011 in India, featuring a clash between India and Sri Lanka. Ultimately, India emerged victorious, claiming the title of World Cup champion 2011. As a host country, Bangladesh received accolades from the ICC and the global community for its exceptional display of patience, hospitality, and security arrangements. Undoubtedly, this achievement brought immense pride to Bangladesh, solidifying its place in the world of cricket.
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