World Mother Language Day Paragraph

International Mother Language Day

Our first language is a special gift. The holy Quran tells us that the very kind Almighty has given a first language to every group of people, no matter where they're from. This first language is really important. It's how the people in a country share their thoughts, feelings, and ideas. But it's sad that in the past, the rulers of Pakistan tried to make us use Urdu as our first language instead of Bangla. But the people of our country stood up and said no to this unfair choice. Some brave people came forward and even gave their lives on February 21, 1952, to protect our first language. Since then, we remember this day as a tribute to them. Every year, we think about them and show our respect.

Now, something good has happened. The UNESCO organization picked February 21 to be International Mother Language Day. This is to remember the people who died for Bangla and to honor them all around the world. This is a big sign of respect from all the countries to the heroes who stood up for their first languages. All the people who sacrificed for their first languages are being remembered and respected by the whole world now.
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