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Hobby signifies an individual's preferred pursuit, separate from their primary occupation. While it may not yield financial gains, it brings immense joy and pleasure. A hobby is crucial for maintaining a healthy mind and body, as it enables one to savor leisure time, making life more fulfilling.

As a student, I cultivate a cherished hobby - gardening. This pastime grants me immense satisfaction. Adjacent to my reading room, I have a delightful garden where I dedicate my time whenever I have the opportunity. I till the soil with a spade, removing unwanted grass and diligently watering the plants. Enclosing the garden with a protective fence ensures that neither cattle nor mischievous children can cause any harm. Each morning, my heart swells with joy upon seeing the vibrant array of flowers and the enchanting fragrance they emanate, rendering the garden utterly charming.

My garden has not only enhanced my physical health but also revitalized my mind. Prior to creating this haven, I suffered from poor health, experiencing loss of appetite and diminishing strength. However, establishing this garden was transformative for my well-being, resulting in improved health.

I devote at least two hours every day to the garden, allowing my blood to circulate smoothly. The beauty and sweet fragrance of the diverse flowers fill me with delight. On holidays, I immerse myself even more in the garden's care. When my friends visit our home, I take them to admire the assortment of flowers, leaving them impressed and grateful.

Furthermore, I cultivate a variety of vegetables in one section of my garden, benefiting not only myself but also my mother, who skillfully prepares delicious dishes for our family, adding another layer of enjoyment to this pastime.

In summary, my hobby serves as a boundless source of happiness and immense pleasure. It liberates me from the monotony of routine tasks, offering an escape from sorrows and hardships. Both my physical and mental well-being flourish through this delightful pursuit, allowing me to revel in life's simple joys.
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