Imagine, you are Kaspia/Kasplan of 12, Mirpur Road, Dhaka. One of your friends is very weak in English. Now, write a letter to your friend Rosmin/Rosmina who lives at Patiya , Chittagong, telling him/ her about how to improve English.

Mirpur Road, Dhaka
10th January, 2021

Hello Rosmin/ Rosmina,

I hope you're doing well, thanks to the kindness of a higher power. I read your letter and learned that you're finding English to be a bit tricky. You also asked me for some practical advice on how to get better at English. Here are some simple tips to help you out.

Firstly, it's important to start studying right from the beginning of the school year. Make sure you attend your English classes regularly. Instead of just memorizing things, try your best to understand what you're reading. Knowing grammar is like having the building blocks for speaking and writing English correctly. So, pay attention to grammar rules.

To expand your vocabulary (that's the words you know), try reading different storybooks and use a dictionary when you come across new words. If possible, consider getting extra help with English at a coaching center.

Lastly, start talking in English with your friends, teachers, and other people. It's okay if you make mistakes; that's how you learn. By practicing, your ability to speak English fluently will improve over time.

That's all for today. I wish you the best of luck!

Warm regards,

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