Write an Application to the Deputy Commissioner for Relief and Medical Aids for the Flood Affected People of Your Area

25th September 2018


The Deputy Commissioner

Sirajganj, Bangladesh
Regarding: Urgent Help Needed for People Affected by the Flood
Dear Sir,

We, the people of Raiganj in this area, have been badly affected by the recent floods. The flood was very unusual and caused a lot of pain. The water from the flood covered the villages and damaged many houses. Homes, buildings, and furniture got washed away. People have lost their homes and are now living outside. Also, many diseases have appeared in the area and people have gotten sick. Especially, many children have diseases like cholera and diarrhea because of dirty water. The suffering of the affected people is very high. They need food, water, medicine, and clothes urgently.

Given the situation, we sincerely request that you arrange help for the flood victims. We need supplies for relief and medical care.


Foridul Islam

On behalf of the people of

Raiganj Upazilla.
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