Write a paragraph about Environment Pollution/ Prevention of Pollution by answering the question below.

a) What is environment pollution?
b) What are the parts of the environment?
c) How does pollution happen to the parts of the environment?
d) What happens because of pollution?
e) How do people contribute to environment pollution?
f) What can we do to stop environment pollution?

Answer: The place where people, animals, and plants live is called the environment. There are many things in our environment like air, water, soil, plants, and animals. These things are important for the environment and for people too. They need to be healthy for us to be healthy. But when they get dirty and their balance gets messed up, it's called environmental pollution. In some places where we live, the environment is really dirty. We are the ones making it dirty. Big buildings and factories make lots of smoke, gases, and fumes. Cars and trucks make dirty air too. All of this makes the air not good for us to breathe. Water gets dirty from factories dumping their waste and from chemicals in fertilizers and bug sprays that get washed into rivers and streams. Noise from things like loudspeakers and cars can make the environment noisy. Soil gets dirty from chemicals in fertilizers and bug sprays. People also cut down too many trees. All of these things make the environment dirty. This makes people sick, makes the Earth warmer, melts the ice at the North and South Poles, and causes floods. We all need to know about this dirty stuff and do things to make it better.
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