letter to friend on confusion of students for corona virus, about uncertainity of exams

Hey there Ami,

Hope this letter finds you well. I got your letter and it's nice to hear from you. I wanted to share some thoughts about the upcoming madhyamik exam and how things are shaping up on my end. Honestly, things feel a bit uncertain and it's hard to stay as confident as I used to be.

You know how the whole corona virus situation has been causing havoc, especially in this second wave. It's been a roller coaster of confusion and worry for everyone, students and parents alike. The schools reopened not too long ago, but sadly, they had to close down again due to the virus making a comeback. It's like a never-ending cycle of uncertainty.

Speaking of exams, I can't help but wonder if they'll actually happen on schedule. It's not just me; our parents are also really anxious about how things will turn out. This is our final stretch before the big exam, and relying solely on online classes isn't cutting it. There's a real disconnect without face-to-face interaction with our teachers. Online learning just doesn't feel natural to me, and I'm sure you can relate.

And let's talk about the struggle of preparing for the exams during this pandemic. It's been quite a challenge. I find myself getting nervous when I think about what lies ahead. It's hard to give my best when there's so much uncertainty surrounding everything.

Well, that's enough of my worries for today. I promise to write more in my next letter. Please send my love to your family and take care.

Sending you lots of love,

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