Rivers are important parts of a country's geography, like mountains and oceans. Rivers connect mountains to oceans. Usually, rivers start at the snowy tops of mountains and flow downward through slopes and flat areas until they reach the sea. A river gets wider and deeper as it moves from the plains to the sea. While flowing through the plains, a river wears away its sides and carries dirt and rocks to where it meets the sea, forming a delta. Sometimes, a river overflows its banks during high tide and covers the land with rich soil, making the ground good for farming. For example, Egypt is called the gift of the Nile because of this. Rivers also provide a way for people to travel from one place to another. In ancient times, traders used rivers to move their goods. This is why many important towns and cities developed along river banks. However, rivers can also be harmful. During heavy rains, rivers can flood and cover large areas. This can damage houses and destroy valuable things. Many people can get hurt or lose their homes because of these floods. Despite this, we should still think of rivers as helpful to people. Rivers provide more than just drinking and washing water; they also make soil good for farming and serve as a way to move things. All of these things are very important for us.
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