The fox and goat stories for kids

A long time ago, there was a fox living in a forest. The weather was very hot that day. The fox was really, really thirsty. While looking around for something to drink, it found a well not too far away. But the well had only a little bit of water in it. 

Both the fox and a innocent goat were so thirsty that they climbed down into the well and drank the water. After they were done drinking, the goat started to worry about how they would get out of the well.

The fox said, "Don't worry. I've got a plan. You just stay still, and I'll use your back as a step to climb out. Once I'm out, I'll help you up too."

The goat didn't know that the fox was being tricky. It agreed to the plan, and the fox quickly climbed out of the well. But as soon as the fox was out, it ran away and left the poor goat behind in the well.
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