Eve-teasing paragraph for class 8 - 9 -10

Eve-teasing is when men bother women. It's a big problem in our country. This harassment can be saying bad things, making rude jokes, or even doing bad things like kidnapping, hurting with acid, or forcing sex. Lately, this kind of crime happens a lot, especially to women. It's really bad and makes everyone worried. These crimes make many sisters, daughters, and mothers die or get hurt. Some people who do this hurt others so much that they die, some feel so bad they want to die, and some get hurt badly. Because of eve-teasing, young girls also try to kill themselves. Another bad thing is that some parents make their young daughters get married early to avoid this problem. One reason this happens more is because the laws aren't strict enough, and people aren't taught good values. So, how do we make this stop? The government is trying to help. They made special courts that can punish eve-teasers. The police also need to catch these people. This is a big social problem that needs quick attention and action. If we don't do something soon, I'm sure we can solve this problem.
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