Paragraph about "Drug Addiction"

Drug Addiction

Talking about drug addiction among young people in our country is really important. Nowadays, lots of young folks are having trouble with drugs. It's become a big problem. Drugs are making their future worse. People start using drugs for different reasons, like curiosity or just wanting to try something new. There aren't strong actions to stop people from using illegal drugs that hurt them. The latest trend in drug addiction is with drugs like Yaba and heroin. These drugs are popular among young people now. First, they became known among wealthier people. But now, young folks are using Yaba instead of working on their future. This drug is harmful. In the city of Dhaka, lots of young people were using it until recently. It spread quickly. There are many kinds of drugs used in Bangladesh: heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, Yaba, Phensydil, Crystal Meth, and more. People who use Yaba risk having a fast heartbeat, high blood pressure, and brain damage that might cause a stroke. Taking too much can make you have seizures and even die. Yaba users might also act violently, feel anxious, and not sleep well. We need to stop the growth of drug use and trade to protect our young people. We have to deal with drug problems no matter what, so we don't end up with a big social problem that's hard to control.
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