Paragraph about "The Qualities of My Close Friend I Admire Most"


i) What are some things you really like about your close friend?

ii) Why do you enjoy these things?

iii) Are there other traits you want to have?

iv) Tell about a couple of not-so-good qualities that many people your age seem to have nowadays?

v) How can you keep away from such not-so-good qualities?

The Qualities I Admire in My Close Friend

Answer: My good friend Jikrul is someone I really like. We've become close over time. I'm really impressed by the good things he has. To me, he's like a hero. He's always true to what he decides to do and what he has to do. He's smart and truthful in what he says and thinks. He's also really loyal and brave. I like him a lot for these reasons. I think he's really honest, which is something unique about him. I feel like I share some good traits with him as a great friend. His honesty and simplicity feel a lot like mine. But there's one not-so-good thing about him. He can sometimes get really angry. It bothers him when I try to joke around. He doesn't usually enjoy jokes. However, nowadays, young people like all sorts of jokes that he can't stand. Overall, I always try to learn from his strong determination. I often struggle with focusing on the important stuff. I think everyone should be positive. I'm always attempting to encourage my friends to stay positive about their situations.
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