Paragraph on Merits and Demerits of Internet for the Juvenile for JSC, SSC, and HSC

 The internet is like a big modern tool. We can easily use it to find all sorts of important stuff, like weather news, politics, medicine info, stories, computer stuff, business info, and fun things. Plus, we can talk to our friends and family who are far away, and it doesn't cost too much. But some people think the internet is both good and bad. That's because it has good things, but also some bad things. It affects how young people live. They go online to visit different websites. The good part is they find helpful articles and can get help with schoolwork. This helps them learn interesting things and become smarter. But there are also some bad things about the internet for young people. There's wrong info on the internet that can confuse them. Social media like Facebook can make them want to use the internet a lot, which can cause problems with their real friends and family. It can also take up a lot of their time and make school hard. Young people are usually very curious, so they might end up on websites meant for adults. When they do, they can get misled. So, there are some big problems with the internet for kids.
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