Write a Paragraph on the topic 'Climate Change '

Climate Change 

Answer: Climate change means the Earth's weather getting different because of things like pollution. This is a big problem for all plants and animals. Many of them are in danger because of climate change. When the air gets hotter, they might disappear forever. A long time ago, the ocean was much lower than it is now. A hundred years ago, the ocean started going up a little bit because of warming. The place where trees grow near the sea, called mangrove forest, will also be hurt. The water will become saltier, and big waves will come during the rainy time. This will hurt the plants and animals that live there. They will lose their homes and food.


Climate Change in Bangladesh

Answer: Climate change is when the world's weather changes, like it gets hotter or rain falls differently. It's mostly because of things that make the Earth warmer, like gases from cars and factories. In Bangladesh, this is a big problem. The ice in some places is melting, and this makes the water in the sea go higher. This is bad for the trees and animals near the sea. Also, rivers become saltier, so growing food becomes harder. The weather also gets wild, with big floods and storms. Because of all these changes, many animals and plants are in danger. The government needs to help by making rules to stop pollution. Everyone in the world should work together to fix this and save our planet.
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