Write a Paragraph on the topic 'Necessity of Learning English'


a) What is the kind of language called English?
b) How does it connect to job centers?
c) How important is it to work in a foreign country?
d) What makes English special?
e) How do you feel about learning English?

The Importance of Learning English
Answer: Learning English is really necessary. It's a global language. We need it throughout our lives. English is a must to talk to people from English-speaking places. Most jobs need English. If you want to work as a pilot, guide, phone operator, postman, and many more, you need English. It's also crucial to work in other countries. Foreign offices can't work without English speakers. Plus, English is a rich language. Lots of science books are in English. So, it's important for us and our country to learn English well.


Question: Explain why it's important to learn English. Your answer should cover these questions.

a) What's English known as?
b) Why do pilots, phone company managers, and tour guides need English?
c) Is English important for foreign office jobs?
d) Where else is English needed?
e) Why do people in Bangladesh need English?

The Importance of Learning English

Answer: English is a global language. We really need to learn it. No country can do without it now. Pilots, phone managers, and guides need English. Even foreign office, post office, or hotel jobs require English. To send mail overseas, you need English. Calling other countries needs English. In airports, English is used to talk to foreigners. Foreign offices need English speakers. Trade worldwide needs English. Higher education needs English too. Most good schools are in English-speaking countries. Many job ads ask for good English. So, knowing English helps you find work. English is also the language of science and tech. Most world knowledge is in English. So, not learning English isn't an option. We should all learn it.


Question: Create a part about 'Why We Need to Learn English' by answering these questions.

a) What is English?
b) How can we get more education?
c) How can we chat with people from other countries?
d) What's important for finding a job?
e) What should we study?

The Importance of Learning English

Answer: English is a global language. People use it everywhere. We need it in our daily life. English helps us learn more. Good books are often in English. We should talk to folks from other lands in English. English is key for good jobs. Everybody should learn English really well.
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