Write a Paragraph on the topic 'Railway Station or, Train Station'.

a) What is a train station?
b) How do passengers pick up their tickets?
c) What kind of things are available at the train station?
d) What makes a train station so crowded?
e) What role does a train station play in our lives?

Railway Station or, Train Station

Answer: A train station is a special place where trains stop and start their journeys. It has a platform where people get on and off the train. People wait in lines to buy tickets. The station has an office where the stationmaster manages things and a place to buy tickets. There's also a room where people wait for their train. You can find places to eat, buy books, and get stationery at the train station. It's a busy place with lots of people and noises. The train's whistle, the sounds of engines, and people moving around make the station very active. The train station is important to us.


Question: Write a paragraph about the 'train station'. In your paragraph, talk about how crowded it is, people getting on and off trains, sellers, and gatekeepers.

Railway Station or, Train Station

Answer: The train station is really full of people. It's an important part of how we travel in Bangladesh. At the station, people wait in lines to get tickets from the ticket counters. There are always lots of passengers, sellers, and vendors at the station. You can find sellers with things to buy, people selling books, and places to wait at big stations. Sellers call out to sell their goods. Have you ever heard someone shouting "Hot tea!" or "Cold water!" at the train station? When the train comes to the station, people hurry to get off. At the same time, people who want to get on the train also wait. This sometimes leads to a crowd of people. The train's whistle makes people feel like the space is moving.
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