Write a Paragraph on the topic 'Load-Shedding'


Load-shedding is when electricity stops on some lines because more electricity is needed than what's available. This makes part of the city go dark, like in a village. It happens more in summer and can be tough. Some people like it because they can see stars and the moon. It's good for candle and power machine sellers. Students and patients suffer most. They can't study or get better. Food goes bad in fridges, and things in cold storage spoil. We want to fix this. The government should help.

Simpler Paragraph on 'Load Shedding'

Load shedding is a big problem in Bangladesh. It makes factories stop and hurts the country's growth. Students can't study and life gets tough. It happens a lot and stops electricity in some places. This makes part of the city dark, like a dark world. It's worse in summer. We need to find why it happens and fix it soon. The government should help and stop load shedding.
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