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Buddha Purnima

Buddha Purnima is a yearly celebration for people who follow the Buddha's teachings. They celebrate the day when Gautam Buddha, who started Buddhism, was born. Gautam Buddha was born a long time ago, around 563-483 BCE, in a place called Lumbini. Buddhists mark this day each year using the regular calendar we use. The date changes each year on our calendar. It's usually in April or May, but in a special year, called a leap year, it might be in June. This day is called 'Buddha Purnima'. People who follow Buddhism celebrate this day every year with a lot of happiness. They decorate their Buddhist temples and have a lot of fun. On this day, newspapers have special parts about it. The radio and TV have special shows too. People get a day off from work and school. This day is important for everyone. We all should try to be like Gautam Buddha. He came to the world with a message of making peace and caring for each other. He gave up a lot to reach his goal. Following Gautam Buddha's teachings can bring new hopes and dreams to people's minds.
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