Drug Addiction Paragraph for Class 10

Drug Addiction

A drug is something that can harm the brain. When someone keeps taking drugs because they like how it feels, it's called drug addiction. This is a big problem all around the world. It's like a sickness that's spreading. Feeling really bad about things is the main reason why people get addicted to drugs. This can happen when families aren't happy, there's no job, or love doesn't work out. Even having bad friends can make someone addicted. People who are addicted to drugs might do bad things like stealing or hurting others when they can't get drugs. Drugs are really bad for the body. They slowly make people sick. They can cause serious problems like cancer, high blood pressure, not sleeping well, forgetting things, and heart diseases. They mess up everything inside the body. Even doctors can't fix all the changes that happen because of drugs. People addicted to drugs feel tired all the time and don't want to sleep. Their skin might change color too. Drugs also hurt the brain and everything else inside. But we don't have to let this keep happening. We need to tell everyone how bad it is for our bodies and our world. Stopping drug addiction is not easy. People who sell drugs are very greedy. They're getting punished for it. In some places, like Bangladesh, they might even get the biggest punishment, which is death. This rule should be used more. We have to teach young people about how bad drugs are. Parents need to be careful with their kids and make them feel safe and loved. Learning about being good and how to act in society should start when we're little. If everyone works together and really wants to stop drug addiction, we can make it go away.
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