The Victory Day / 16th December || Paragraph

Victory Day

December 16th is a special day for us called Victory Day because we became free on this day. It's an important day in our lives. Every year, we celebrate it with happiness and joy. It reminds us of the brave people who fought in 1971. Many people gave their lives so that Bangladesh could be its own country. After nine months of fighting, we became independent on December 16, 1971. We celebrate this day each year with joy and colorful parties. We have talks, meetings, discussions, and parades. This day is a day off from work or school. Our national flag is put up on houses, offices, schools, colleges, and universities. We lay wreaths at the victory monument. Government buildings look nice with decorations. Many fun things happen all around the country. People from all parts of life enjoy these things. This day is really important in Bangladesh. We respect it a lot. It brings hope and big dreams. Victory Day is a day when we achieved something great. So, it makes our country proud.
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