A School Library- Paragraph

A School Library

A library in a school is like a special room filled with many different kinds of books, papers, and CDs that you can read or borrow. It's like a treasure chest of knowledge. Every school should have a library. It's very important. In a school library, you can find books that help you learn, and also books that inspire you to be a good person.

In the library, there's a person called the librarian who takes care of the books. The librarian gives you the books you want to read. Sometimes, there are helpers too, who can help you find books and make sure the library stays neat. There are chairs and tables in the library where you can sit and read. You can read as many books as you want. You get a special card that lets you borrow books from the library. When you want to borrow a book, you show your card. You can only keep the borrowed books for a little while. After that, you have to bring them back to the library. Usually, you can only borrow two books at a time.

Nowadays, some good schools have libraries with computers that can connect to big libraries all over the world. This helps students learn even more. Our school also has a library with lots of books and modern things to use. It's great!
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