Food Security Paragraph

Food security means having enough food that is safe and healthy to eat, and being able to get it when you need it. This is important for everyone to live an active and healthy life, according to the United Nations. When a family always has enough good food and doesn't worry about going hungry, they are called "food secure".

There are three main things that decide if a person or a family is food secure. First is having enough food available, which comes from growing, moving, and sharing food. Second is being able to afford and get the food you like. Third is using the food well to stay healthy.

People can be hungry not because there isn't enough food, but because they can't buy or get the food they need. This often happens because of not having enough money. Once food is in a home, how it's shared and eaten also matters for everyone to be healthy.

To make sure everyone has enough good food, the food must be safe to eat and enough for everyone in the family.
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