Tree Plantation Paragraph

(a) What does planting trees mean?
(b) Why is planting trees really important?
(c) How do trees help us?
(d) What happens if we don't plant more trees?
(e) When is the best time to plant trees in our country?

Planting trees means putting more trees in the ground on purpose. It's super important for us to survive on Earth. But we're cutting down trees without thinking, and that's not good for us. The world is getting warmer, so we really need to plant more trees. Trees help us in lots of ways. They take in carbon dioxide and give us oxygen, which is what we breathe. They also stop the air from getting dirty. Trees give us shade, food, and fruits. They do great things for our environment. They stop the soil from washing away, make the land good for growing things, and protect us from things like droughts and floods. They stop our area from turning into a desert.

Without enough trees, there will be less rain in our country. The weather will be hot. Bad things like floods and storms will happen. People will have trouble finding enough food, shade, and air. Animals and birds will lose their homes. Everything will be out of balance. A country should have at least a quarter of its land covered with forests, but we don't have enough in our country.

So, we really need to plant more trees. Everyone should know how important it is to plant trees. TV and radio can help spread this message. To have a peaceful life, we have to plant more trees. In our country, the best time to plant trees is July and August. During these months, we should keep planting trees. If we don't plant more trees, we won't be able to live here anymore.

Tree Plantation Paragraph

Planting trees means putting a lot of trees in one place. Trees are really important to us in many ways. They help with our food by giving us fruits and vitamins. We also use trees for wood. Trees stop the soil from being washed away. We get medicine from tree parts like leaves and roots. Without trees, life would be very hard. We need trees for oxygen, which is what we breathe. Trees take away a bad gas called carbon dioxide. Trees also help keep our environment healthy by doing this. Trees play a big role in keeping our environment balanced. This balance is a good relationship between living and non-living things. Trees help with this by giving animals and birds a place to live and by giving us oxygen. It's said that a country should have 25% of its land as forests to keep this balance.

If there aren't any trees, a country will turn into a desert and no one can live there. So, it's really important for us to plant trees. We can plant them along roads, near schools, and in open areas. We need to take care of trees for our own good.
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