21st February Paragraph

21st February - International Mother Language Day
On the 21st of February, we celebrate International Mother Language Day. It's a special day that fills us with pride. Every year, this day is marked with honor and seriousness. In Bangladesh, the 21st of February holds significant importance. On this day in 1952, brave individuals sacrificed their lives for their mother tongue. The rulers tried to impose Urdu as the official language, but our people protested, resulting in the tragic loss of lives like Rafiq, Jabbar, Salam, and Barkat. Eventually, Bangla was established as our language, making the 21st of February our Language Day. UNESCO acknowledged its global significance in 1999 by declaring it the International Mother Language Day. People worldwide now celebrate this day with respect and reverence. We remember our courageous sons and perform rituals. The national flag is flown at half-mast, and bouquets are placed at the Central Shaheed Minar. We honor those who laid down their lives for Bangla. Colorful processions and cultural events mark the day, filling us with enthusiasm and pride for our language.

The International Mother Language Day

February 21st is a significant day in our national history. It's recognized as the International Mother Language Day. This makes us proud, as we stood up for our language, unlike any other nation. UNESCO's acknowledgment of this day as the International Mother Language Day is a huge achievement. Starting from the 21st century, the world commemorates this day in honor of the language martyrs who sacrificed their lives on February 21, 1952. The proposal to recognize this day globally was initially suggested to UNESCO's general assembly by a Canadian organization. Despite initial opposition, it was unanimously accepted in 1999. While some countries mentioned the event's relevance to the Bangalee community, UNESCO's recognition has elevated our reputation globally. We celebrated this recognition on December 8, 1999.

International Mother Language Day

We're filled with pride as UNESCO has declared February 21st as the International Mother Language Day. It's a tremendous honor that leaves us almost speechless with joy.

February 21st, our Martyrs' Day, is extraordinary in global history. No other nation has sacrificed lives to protect their language like Bangladesh. UNESCO acknowledges the language movement's importance by designating February 21st as the International Mother Language Day.

This decision profoundly impacts Bangladesh. Political parties and students took to the streets to celebrate. While there are around 4,000 official languages globally and English, French, Spanish, Chinese, and Arabic are dominant, Bengali's position is now elevated because it has paved the way for other languages.

On this day, we vow to improve our language, modernizing sentence structures and spelling. We aim to make Bengali easier for foreigners to learn through various initiatives.

International Mother Language Day

Language is the key tool through which humans convey feelings. It's crucial to learn and respect our mother tongue. In 1952, Bengali people struggled against forced Urdu usage. They bravely sacrificed lives for language rights. This victory preserved Bengali as our language. After fifty years, the world recognized our achievement in November 1999, making us proud. The World Mother Language Day is a global asset, highlighting language's significance. We take pride in its international recognition, inspired by our Bengali language movement.
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