A Railway Station Paragraph


A railway station is where trains stop and start. People get on and off the train there. It has a special spot for people to wait. In big stations, there's a roof over the waiting area, but in small stations, it's open. There's an office for the person in charge, a place to buy tickets, and waiting rooms for men and women. There are also places to eat, buy books, and get stationary stuff. A railway station is always full of people. People stand in a long line to buy tickets and sometimes push each other. When the train comes, it's noisy, but when it leaves, it's calm. A person with flags directs the trains. A railway station is a loud place.


A train stop is a place beside the train tracks. Trains stop here to let people and things on and off. Sometimes it's very crowded, sometimes not. It has raised platforms for trains and buildings for the boss's office and waiting rooms for people. It also has places to keep things and counters to sell tickets. In big stations, there are metal roofs to keep off the sun and rain. Usually, it's noisy and busy. It gets really busy when a train with passengers comes. A train stop is very important for the train system.


A train stop is where trains pause. It's a really busy and loud spot. Before a train arrives, it's crowded with buzzing people. There's a place to buy tickets and rooms for passengers to wait. You can find bookshops and places to eat too. There's a big crowd in front of the ticket place, people wait in a long line to get tickets, and sellers walk around. They shout loud to sell things. Some people who need money ask passengers for help. Workers carry heavy things on their heads. When the train arrives, lots of passengers get on and off. The train worker waves a green flag and blows a whistle to start the train. After that, the noise goes down. A train stop is a very busy place.
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