A Street Hawker Paragraph


A person who goes around selling things is called a street hawker. They move from place to place to sell their stuff. You might see them in the morning selling newspapers. Sometimes they sell toys, clothes, fruits, and vegetables. They shout out the names of the things they have to sell. Kids like them because they might wear funny clothes, sing songs, or play music on a flute. They walk on roads and streets from morning until night. They're respectable because they work hard to earn money by selling things. Street hawkers do an important job for our society. They bring things we need right to our homes and sell them at lower prices. But be careful, some street hawkers might try to trick you. So it's good to be cautious of hawkers who are not honest. They live simple lives and work hard to make a living. Even though they're not rich, we should still treat them well and not look down on them.


You've probably seen street sellers in big cities and towns. They sell things by calling out loudly to get people's attention. They know how to convince people to buy their stuff. Women and kids often like what they're selling. They usually have toys, fruits, biscuits, clothes, and more. There are also hawkers who buy old things like newspapers, pots, and books. Kids might like these sellers, but adults usually don't. They carry their things to sell by hand or on their shoulders, moving from house to house. Sometimes they move from one street to another, which can cause problems on the sidewalk. These sellers don't make a lot of money, so they have a tough life trying to support their families.


Being a street seller is not easy. They play an important role in society. They're familiar figures in towns. They sell different things while walking from street to street. They carry their stuff on their heads, in their hands, or in a small cart. They buy things cheaply and sell them for a higher price to make a profit. Street sellers are clever and know their business well. Kids and women are usually their customers. They have toys and sweets for kids and things like clothes, fruits, and kitchen items for women. They use different ways to get people's attention. They know the best times to sell their things. There's a strong connection between sellers and buyers, which creates harmony between the two groups.
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