Climate Change Paragraph

Climate change means the way the Earth's climate is changing. Right now, people all around the world are talking a lot about climate change. It's causing strange and unusual things to happen with the weather, like more natural disasters. There are a few reasons why climate change is happening. The biggest one is global warming, which makes the Earth's temperature go up. Pollution from things people do is another reason. Cutting down forests also makes it worse. The climate is changing very quickly, and that's making the Earth warmer. This is causing a lot of problems. Climate change is making temperatures go up, and it's also causing things like more floods, storms, and droughts. This is really bad for farming and people's lives, especially for poor people. One country that's going to be hit hard is Bangladesh. If the sea level goes up, a big part of Bangladesh could be underwater. The countries that have done more to cause climate change need to help the ones that are suffering from it. We can't stop climate change completely, but we can do things to make it less bad. Planting more trees can help because it cools things down. Also, using fewer harmful chemicals can stop pollution.

(a) What does "climate change" mean?
Climate change is when the Earth's weather changes a lot over a long time.

(b) Why is climate change happening?
Climate change happens because of things like global warming, pollution, and cutting down forests.

(c) What problems does climate change cause?
Climate change makes the Earth hotter, leads to more floods and storms, and hurts farming and people's lives.

(d) Is climate change a problem for just one place or for the whole world?
Climate change affects the whole world, but some places, like Bangladesh, are hit harder.

(e) What can we do to help with climate change?
We can plant more trees to cool things down and use fewer harmful chemicals to stop pollution.
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