My Favourite Teacher Paragraph

**My Favorite Teacher Paragraph**

A teacher is someone who teaches students. My favorite teacher is Mr. Biplob Roy. He teaches us English and he's young, only 27 years old. He's really good at teaching. He did well in school and got a master's degree in English from Southern University. He makes learning easy and has a nice voice. He uses different ways to teach, and he can make hard stuff seem simple. I love how he teaches. He knows how to keep us interested and curious. He does things to make sure we pay attention. He talks like someone from England and his English sounds special. His class feels like we're learning English all the time. It's fun, not boring. He's nice and helpful. If we don't get something, he helps us understand. He's kind to poor students and he's honest and hardworking. He's strict but fair. I'll always remember him as my best teacher, guide, and friend. I'm proud to have a teacher like him.

**Favorite Teacher**

All my teachers are good, but one is my favorite. A good teacher is super important. An ideal teacher is like a model to students. Mr. Anil is my favorite teacher. He's an ideal teacher to me. He's special and he teaches really well. His teaching is like magic. He's super smart and even got a prize for being the best English Teacher. He's strict when it's needed, but he's really kind and fair to everyone. I respect and love my favorite teacher a lot.

**Our Class Teacher**

Our class teacher is Mr. Ahmed. He's got a B.A. and B.Ed. degrees. He's our favorite teacher. He teaches us English, both papers 1 and 2. His way of teaching is different and cool. He teaches so well that we don't have to study the lesson again at home. He makes lessons fun and easy. He's friendly and nice. We like and respect him a lot. He makes learning English enjoyable. He likes working with us in class and outside. He's helpful too. We really like him.

**My Favorite Teacher**

Every student has a favorite teacher. Even though we learn from many teachers, we like the ones who connect with us. My favorite teacher is M. A. Salam. He's always supportive. I did a task for him and he liked it so much that he shared it with other students. It motivated me to study better and I did well in exams. His talks are helpful. He lets us ask questions and he doesn't say we're wrong. He guides us. I really like him and will always do. He's taught me a lot. A teacher like him makes our country proud. I hope all teachers in Bangladesh can be like my favorite teacher.
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