The National Memorial Paragraph


The National Memorial of Bangladesh is a famous monument built to remember the brave soldiers who died in the Liberation War of 1971. It's located in Savar, about 35 km from Dhaka, and is a popular tourist attraction. The monument is made of concrete but represents the nation's honor for the war heroes. It covers 34 hectares and has seven towers that reach 150 feet, symbolizing the seven war heroes. Other parts are made of red bricks, reminiscent of the martyrs' sacrifice. Graves and a pool are in front of the monument. It was designed by Syed Mainul Hossain and opened on December 16, 1982. People visit on Independence and Victory Days to honor martyrs. Many visit daily to remember the sacrifice for freedom.
The National Memorial is a tribute to war martyrs, in Savar, Dhaka. Built on the first Victory Day anniversary in 1972, it covers 126 acres, including a mosque, library, and museum to keep Liberation War relics. Seven towers stand at 150 feet, representing heroes' sacrifice. Close by, martyrs' graves evoke respect. The monument signifies the nation's honor, freedom's triumph, and the struggle against oppression.


The National Memorial in Savar symbolizes respect for Liberation War martyrs. Made of concrete but representing blood, it stands 150 feet tall, reflecting the heroes' courage. Its significance is immeasurable, representing an achievement beyond measure. Its foundation was laid on the first Victory Day's anniversary. A complex covering 126 acres is planned, with a mosque, library, and museum. The museum will house Liberation War relics, reminding of sacrifices. This stands as a warning to oppressors, as freedom's power isn't always grand. Graves of martyrs near the tower evoke respect. The complex is a testament to the spirit's loftiness.
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